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Consultation appointment

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After you pay we will connect you with our famous Dr. Kang from there,you two can have a health/spiritual consultation and he can give you more insight on what’s actually happening in your body, how to help aid the dis-ease, his recommendations along with Q&A. If you are interested in a consultation appointment with Dr. Kang we can go ahead and schedule you now / check his availability for an appointment and he will call you either FaceTime or WhatsApp.


long enough for dr Kang to assess you, tell you everything that is wrong then give you his recommendations on how to fix it.


• please make sure you provide your CELL PHONE NUMBER when paying for the product

• Facetime or download the app called WhatsApp for video consultation. ‎>>>

• Please include who referred you/ how you found us as well as your profession.


If you have trouble paying here on the site to book you can also pay through any ONE of these:

Our PayPal








After you prepay, DO NOT forget to send SCREENSHOT of payment to 409-210-9090 along with who referred you.

We will give you a reference number. Please also watch all of the videos first before you get on the phone with dr. Kang. The videos will help answer a lot of your onset questions.


Listen to theses MIRACLE testimonies


if you want to schedule to see dr. Kang in person please select the prepay option and send screenshot of payment to 409-210-9090 we will book an appointment over the phone. 


Duration: 3-5hours

will give you a regimen.


Supplements are NOT included.

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