About the actual Founder of Limitless Wellness Co.
What happened to grandpa secret? Virtually nothing… However The same Formulator of GPS split from the face of the company and decided to reconstruct a new dream with the same great formulas. The memory of GPS lives on through Limitless Wellness Co.
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The Mystical Medicine Man Amongst Us
Being a Shaman and a naturalist, Dr. Kang has spent decades studying plants and herbs around America, Africa, Asia, and many middle-eastern countries.  Born into a family of healers, the art of creating natural and mystical medicine comes naturally to him. Passed down from his grandfather who was a healer of his village. His Grandfather Simon was the last man in Africa who can fly/Levitate, hold/stop the rain, and heal people no matter what they were sick of. Simon passed this knowledge down to his grandson who we now know as Dr. Kang.
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